Listening to God when He speaks

Listening to God is probably the most important thing that will ever happen to a person.  Your spiritual life doesn’t begin until God speaks to you and you finally decide to listen.

It is for this reason that you need to not only talk to God constantly about everything, but you must also listen for God to speak to you. The best way to listen for God to speak to you is to look to your heart and your mind for his answer. Most people expect God to answer them in some divine way or somehow speak to them verbally, right out of heaven, but that isn’t the way God operates. God speaks to your heart, conscience, soul, and spirit. His answer may even be in that certain feeling that you have. That unexpected feeling that came out of nowhere, that shines additional light on the problem. His answer may lie in that sudden pause that you experience. That pause that gets you thinking about a different path to take.

Those methods of communication that God uses are extremely loud and clear. A child of God can hear God speak just as clearly as if God was standing right alongside of them verbally talking. However for most people, especially in the beginning of building a relationship with God, need to be quiet and really listen for God’s answer. You can easily block God’s answer with your internal clutter.



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