Golden Rules of Dressing for All Body Shapes

I believe that each and every body shape, is beautiful in their own unique way.

Golden Rule #1: Proportions, proportions, proportions (body proportions)

Focus on achieving a proportional body silhouette to prevent distractions that lead the eye to your “problem areas” or prominent body areas. In this way, you’ll leave plenty of room to highlight your best assets.

Golden Rule #2: Fit

Make sure that the clothes fit with your body measurements. Too-tight or too-big clothing makes you look curvy, but not  yummy. Great fit is also important if you’re Petite and/or Plus size to help you create a lean and streamlined silhouette.

Golden Rule #3: Confidence

Let your true personal style shine through the shallow surface of clothes. Basically, you’d want the clothes to complement and project your personality.

If you are curious as to what body shape you may have, see charts (men and women) below.

Women Body Shape Chart


Men Body Shape Chart


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